Voting in South Carolina

If you’re new to the voting process in South Carolina there are a few things that you should know.

1. South Carolina has a uniform statewide voting system. No matter where you move in South Carolina you will vote on the same piece of equipment.

2. The conduction of elections is handled by each county’s individual election commissions. This is important to remember when moving from one county to another. If you move from one county to another you will need to contact the voter registration office in your new county of residence.

3. The State Election Commission’s website: This website has some great information and is geared towards the voting public. There are videos and a flash demonstration on how to vote on the new electronic voting machines.

With the statewide general election just a couple of weeks away, it is important to gain as much knowledge as possible on the voting process and the candidates running for office.


5 Responses

  1. I was recently notified that my polling place has changed. The “old” place is 1.2 miles from my home, (and is still a polling place). The new place is 13 miles from my home. This makes NO sense whatsoever to me. When I called the county about it, I was told it had to do with redistricting based on the 2000 census. When I asked my neighbors if their polling places changed, they both said no. Why did mine change because of this census count? This makes no sense!

    I was told I could request an absentee ballot. Why should I? I just need to be allowed to vote at the polling place that’s closest to me.

    Margaret Norkett
    Donalds, SC

  2. Margaret,

    Sometimes redistricting doesn’t make sense. South Carolina Election Law requires a county to sometimes split a precinct when the registered voters reach a certain number. This may place you in a different precinct than your neighbors. It depends on how the lines are drawn.

    Once the district lines have been drawn sometimes the precinct for that district is in an inconvenient place due to a lack of available polling places. Counties have to coordinate with the owners of the polling places and some owners do not wish to have their building used for a polling place.

    Drawing the district lines is a complicated process as well that involves the US Dept. of Justice, the SC Legislative Delegation for that county, and the county election commission. This process can sometimes take the better part of year at worst or months at best.

    • My neighbors both live on the same street as I do and according to the redistricting map I was shown, should also be voting at the same polling place I have been changed to, yet they still vote at the old place that is closer to our homes.

      Like I said before, this makes no sense to me at all.

  3. I have recently married and moved from Anderson co. to Spartanburg county. I was a registered voter in Anderson and need to change my name and address so I can vote in Spatanburg co. I can’t find the forms I need. Help

  4. Susan,

    Try visiting This site can help you find everything you need. Also, try calling the Spartanburg County Election Commission. Their number is: 864-596-2549

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